Snuffelbox is a bi-monthly box full of dog joy in the form of healthy snacks, fun toys, 100% natural care products, dog accessories and gadgets.

Our buyers search all over Europe for unique quality products for dogs. Things you can't buy everywhere. Your dog deserves the very best products right?

What's in the box?

A Snuffelbox contains 7 to 10 products (try-out-box at least 5) including healthy snacks and at least 2 toys, ideal for your dog size. In addition, it can contain a care product, a gadget or an accessory.

How long does a box last?

Subscribers indicate that they do an average of 10 weeks with one box.

🧸 Toys
We adjust the toys to the size of your dog. Larger dogs receive stronger toys. Is a toy disappointing once? Contact us and we will compensate you nicely.

🍪 Treats
Always grain-free and 100% natural. Because many dogs are allergic to chicken and beef, we try to avoid those snacks. Particularly tasty treats, with regularly freshly baked dog biscuits.

Boxes are assembled with the greatest care and love. ❤️

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