A Snuffelbox subscription is very simple. Every two months your dog will automatically receive a super luxurious - tailor-made - box full of the best dog products from all over Europe. Your subscription can be canceled or paused at any time via your Snuffelbox account or via our customer service.

🚚 Delivery of subscription boxes

When you register for the subscription you will receive the first try-out-box within two working days. After that, you will receive the following boxes:

💕 'Be my Valentine' box: Feb 1 - 12.
🐣 Easter box: Apr 1 - 9.
🌴 Holiday box: 8 - 18 Jun.
🤭 Surprise theme box: Aug 1 - 14.
🦊 Animal Day box: Sep 7 - 18.
🎄 'Merry Christmas' box: Dec 1 - 4.

The diagram below provides even more clarity. Payment is made in the odd months and delivery in the even months:

Get your try-out-box worth € 24,95 for only € 9,99

Take advantage of the current offer and give your dog what he or she wants. 😄

🎂 Delivery Birthday box via the subscription

Did you also choose the Birthday Box when registering for your subscription? Payment for the Birthday Box follows in the 15 to 20 days prior to your dog's birthday. Delivery will take place about 5 to 10 days before your dog's birthday.

Is your dog's birthday within now and 23 days? Signup for the subscription with the Birthday Box. Now, you will receive the Birthday Box - as well as the try-out-box (perhaps via a separate shipment) - within two working days, so that you can be sure that it will arrive on time. 👍 

🚚 Delivery one-time orders

Do you order once via the online store? In that case, the product page states when you can expect the box. Is there no info about the delivery? Then you can expect your order within two working days.

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